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Five W's

Five W's

Powerful Minds "Yesterday's Youth, Today's ChangeWHO?

Powerful Minds founder Julian Gardea was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. His entire life he had a passion for creating and having fun. He grew up immersed in the skateboarding lifestyle, with 6am trips on the bus to various skate spots in LA, always with his camera in hand. As Julian got older, he started to find ways to combine his passions of art, music, and skateboarding. He would customize his skateboards, tie-dye shirts, and even picked up on silk-screening. In 2014, he decided to turn his passion into a company and started Powerful Minds USA. 


So what does Powerful Minds mean? Powerful Minds has no criteria, no definition, no limits. No one but you can tell you what makes you a Powerful Mind. The brand is about recognizing all the different people in the world. No matter your background, race, religion, gender, anything; Powerful Minds is about respecting it and embracing it. Although Powerful Minds stems from the world of skateboarding, music, and art, there are no limits to who is a powerful mind. 


Powerful Minds was designed by Julian Gardea in 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. The vision for the company was to create clothes that were stylish yet can be worn by everyone. The clothes are fashioned with graphics and designs that hold true to the roots of the urban culture while remaining modern and unique. Powerful Minds has a product for everyone. The designs are inspired by the world around us, past and present. Whether it is a minimal design, a psychedelic garment, or a homage to those powerful minds of our past, Powerful Minds stays true to the idea that these clothes are designed for the people.


Powerful Minds is all about promoting a positive mindset. With so much negativity in the world, PM was designed to remind you that you can overcome it all and you can live the life you want. Powerful Minds USA was created to empower the people. It was created to remind the world that they are a powerful mind and capable of doing whatever it is they set their mind to. For so many years counter-cultures have been looked down upon and scrutinized, rather than celebrated for their passion and individuality. Powerful Minds was created to embrace the differences in people and their lifestyles, no matter what it is.